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Still single in your 30’s? Being a bachelorette is fun, but I also know how unsettling this subject can be. Which is why younger women look at us and they are getting a little worried that they too may end up facing this same pressure. The pressure to find the love of your life in time to start a family… After all, if you are single in your 30’s your biological clock is ticking!

When you are single in your 30’s there is extreme pressure to get married and settle down.

And it seems that love does not discriminate, as even famous single women face the same pressure! As you know, I am a hopeless romantic and a massive fan of The Bachelor (Read my previous post here). So of course, I am already obsessed with the new Australian series of The Bachelorette, which first aired last week!

Despite being a former pop star, this years bachelorette, Sophie Monk brings a down-to-earth approach to modern dating.

Yet it is her heartfelt comments on what she values in her quest to find love that I can relate to most. At age 37, bachelorette Sophie Monk’s biological clock is well and truly ticking! And so it comes as no surprise that she is looking for someone who not only loves her for her. But, who can also be a good father to her children. What does come as somewhat of a surprise though, is to hear that Sophie faces the same challenges as the rest of us who have chosen their career over finding love!

As a fellow 30 something-year-old bachelorette, last year I spent the majority of the year working abroad in Bali.

Whilst back in Australia for a few days, though, I made my annual trip to the doctor to obtain a script for the birth control pill. I’m not entirely sure why I take it, as it’s not like I’m dating anyone anyway. But according to my doctor, I should be! After testing my blood pressure and all the normal Q&A’s you can imagine my surprise when he asked me if I planned on having children. I replied, “Yes, I’d love to be a Mum!” to which he responded, “Well, you have 2 years left!”. I was 33 at the time, so I wasn’t entirely surprised to receive this information. But I was a little taken aback!

Not quite sure what to say, I explained that I work as a Flight Attendant and that it makes dating rather difficult.

Sitting back and pondering this for a moment, he then asked, “Well aren’t there any tourists in Bali?” Completely stunned by his suggestion, I literally did not know what to say! Had he actually just told me, that in his professional medical opinion, I should have a one-night stand to fall pregnant just because my biological clock is ticking? I left not knowing whether to laugh or cry. But at least one thing is clear… l think I need to find a new doctor!

I do see his point. I’m not getting any younger and, like Sophie, according to my biological clock I should have started a family by now!

In fact, my biological clock was in full in swing around age 26, when I felt an overwhelming maternal desire to become a mother. At the time I was single though, so the timing just wasn’t right.

Besides,dating these days is difficult! At times it does feel like all the good ones are already taken. Especially when you are still single in your 30’s! And I see so many women my age, who are so desperate to settle down that they end up doing just that – settling!

Yet somehow, I find it rather sad when I see couples that are not in love settling for each other. Hell, I’ve waited this long! What’re a few more years of hoping to find my soul mate, before stressing about having children? Meanwhile, the opposite goes for my travel adventures, as I’m not waiting for anything! So, for now, I’ll continue on my adventures traveling solo and I’m not settling until I find ‘The One’. Even if I am a bachelorette and my biological clock is ticking!

Do you want to learn more our your biological clock? Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine published an interesting article, “Is your biological clock ticking?” which is definitely worth reading. Health issues can be very a controversial topic and I’m definitely not a medical professional. So I’d love to hear your opinions and advice on this subject since it does weigh heavily on my mind sometimes. Leave a comment below!


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