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Right now we are living in a constant state of change as the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) sweeps the world. For many, the uncertainty that comes with change creates a sense of panic and fear of the unknown. But I can’t help remind myself that we are all in this together. The almighty spirit of humanity will continue to uplift us and we will get through this unprecedented global event that will shape modern history forever!

Originating in Wuhan, China, Coronavirus (Covid-19) is an unprecedented worldwide pandemic that is sweeping our planet and changing our lives.

Or at least, life as we know it. Yet, when this strand of the coronavirus first emerged, most of us had no idea that the world would face so much adversity as a result of this global health crisis. Governments are under extreme pressure. Large corporations are collapsing. Small businesses are closing. People are panic buying. And people are dying. Medical staff are working around the clock and scientists are desperately finding a cure. Around the world, countries are implementing social distancing practices and self-isolation quarantine policies. They are instructing residents to return home, closing borders and implementing various stages of economic and social shutdown.

People around the world are ultimately being forced into their homes to stop the spread of the disease.

It’s all very overwhelming and it’s a lot to take in. But perhaps, ultimately it will be a good thing! There are definitely things that humanity needs to do differently in order to protect our health. We are stressed out from overworking and rushing about in our daily activities. And scientists insist that we need find ways to reduce our carbon footprint on planet in order to preserve life.

I am not an environmental activist by any measure. But I do care about a planet and like to do what I can to protect it.

What has been truly amazing to see is the way that mother earth has been repairing herself during this crisis. Around the world, there is scientific evidence that the air quality in China has dramatically improved. We have also seen photos of the canals of Venice, which are now crystal clear, as CNBC reporter Emma Newburger reports here.

Meanwhile, here in my homeland of Australia we have also seen dramatic events unfold as a result of climate change.

In regional parts of the country years of drought devastation temporarily came to an end early in 2020, when we finally received much needed rain. The heavy rain resulted in localised flooding, but also brought an end to the bushfires which swept across our nation late last year. According to the ABC News, the vast fires spread across 11 million hectares, destroying two thousand homes, killing billions of wildlife and placing huge pressure on the tourism industry. Our country is now only just starting to get back on its feet. Therefore, the coronavirus couldn’t have come at a worse time, especially for those in the tourism sector.

As a domestic Flight Attendant, my job is on the line. For those in the travel industry worldwide, the impact will be devastating.

Internationally, airlines have already collapsed and many have stood down tens of thousands of front line crew according to CNN and The Economist. I am fearful that I will not be able to continue working in my dream job, which is a profession that I love! Yet, I also concede that the aviation industry is a contributor to air pollution. And airline carbon-offset measures are not enough to enable the environment to rejuvenate in the same the way that it will now that thousands of aircraft have been grounded throughout the world.

Furthermore, on a humanitarian level, we are all undergoing a period of personal development.

This will no doubt see us come out the other side of this pandemic with a new sense of camaraderie and core values. Being forced out of the workplace will lead many of us to re-evaluate our career path and goals. Some, like myself, will be prepared to try to weather the storm, as we are pursuing our passion and life purpose by helping others. Yet, others will seek temporary or permanent redeployment into other fields that are better aligned with their career ambitions.

In light of my own personal development and spiritual growth, I have been following astrology vloggers on YouTube for quite some time now. All throughout the later part of 2019 they talked of the massive changes coming in 2020. Specifically, many astrologers predicted that the world would face a pandemic when Saturn and Pluto formed a conjunction on January 12, 2020. My family and friends probably thought I was a little crazy when I kept talking on about this last year. But I guess I was subconsciously somewhat prepared for the coronavirus crisis!

What was unbeknown to me, however, was how this pandemic would unfold.

The Astro Twins from Astro Style based their predictions of a global crisis on similar events, which occurred when the planets were last in the same alignment. However, most astrologists were unsure of how what specific events would unfold and vloggers such as Tanaaz from Forever Conscious speculated everything from a world war, a global economic meltdown and major corporations and institutional systems collapsing in order to be rebuilt.

Ironically, in a way, all of these are things unfolding at the moment! Conspiracy theories are running rife as to who is blame. The health of humanity is in jeopardy and protecting our species has massive economic repercussions that are putting enormous pressure on our politicians and CEOS of large corporations. Now is the time when leaders around the world have to step up and do what it is that they are normally paid millions of dollars to do – lead!

Either way, we have just commenced the astrological new year, which is a time of rebirth and transformation.

Today marks a new moon, which is a great time to set new intentions! Each new moon, I set myself a mantra and adjust my mindset in order to manifest any opportunities connected with the goals I have set myself for the month ahead. For now, I’m focusing on staying in my vibe! That will involve writing this blog as a creative outlet and I look forward to spending my time a home editing travel photos and planning my next travel adventures.

Interestingly, my previous post in this section of the site talked about my recent digital detox. Switching on the television, or logging in to social media at the moment is emotionally exhausting! I do believe that it is important to stay informed in order to protect yourself and prepare for isolation. However, it is important to focus on the facts and not get caught up in the fear mongering.

As an empath, there are times when I have felt completely overwhelmed by this crisis, after absorbing the fear of other people.

This has meant that I have had to set personal boundaries in order to remain calm and mindful about the present situation. In particular, I am concerned about its long-term financial impact on the economy. However, in the interest of maintaining my mental health, I now choose to watch only the official addresses by the Australia Prime Ministers and State Premieres. After all, they are ultimately responsible for leading our country through this crisis.

In a work sense, I have also tried to not get caught up in the many questions that we face about the future of aviation jobs.

Instead, I try to focus on the facts presented by the CEO of our airline. Social media has, however, created a platform via which cabin crew around the world have been able to connect during this time of uncertainty. Every airline around the world has been impacted by Covid-19. Yet our wings unite us all, even if they may have been clipped at this time. As cabin crew is we are quite used to dealing with uncertainty, as the aviation industry is always changing. But it is our unique sense of humour and personal resilience that keeps us smiling. (Watch this space. Pretty soon we will all be transforming into trolley dollies at your local supermarket. After all, we have the perfect skill set to stay calm when dealing with a toilet paper emergency in aisle 11!)

All jokes aside, even though I have been enjoying the coronavirus memes, fear is something that consumes each of us in different ways.

I may not fear coronavirus. itself. However, I do feel an incredible amount of sorrow for the thousands of people who have lost their lives, or their livelihood. Only a week ago I was on annual leave. (This was leave that I was directed to take as part of our yearly ballot bids almost twelve months ago). Within the space of this ten-day holiday period, I went from enjoying a sense of freedom, to preparing for a complete lockdown. At the beginning of my break I was still planning domestic travel in support of the local tourism industry. However, I ultimately ended up cancelling my trip and practicing social distancing in my local community.

Holidaying at home was not quite what I had planned.

However, I wanted to protect my family and friends in Queensland, in case there was a chance I had contracted the virus at work. Even though I did not feel sick at the time, I was aware that symptoms may not be immediately apparent. So when I did go outside I was careful to avoid close contact with others. I washed my hands frequently after touching potentially contaminated surfaces and always took a towel with me to the gym.

If you have downloaded my 100 THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE BUCKET LIST you will know that have always wanted to do a yoga retreat!

So whilst I unable to travel, I created my own retreat, attending daily yoga and meditation classes at my local health club to maintain a sense of mindfulness. And I also went for daily walks to get some sunshine before Australia officially goes into lockdown.

Yesterday, Australia closed all essential services, so I am no longer able to go to the gym.

But I do intend to maintain a healthy diet and to continue my yoga practice utilising a smartphone app. If you are fortunate to be able to work from home then you will no doubt be extremely busy during this time of social isolation. However, if you work in the service industry like myself, you are more than likely going to have a lot of spare time on your hands! This is a wonderful time to spend time appreciating your family and friends. We are normally separated from them for long periods of time so this is our chance to reconnect with the people that mean the most to us!

However, maintaining a sense of purpose is equally as important for our mental health.

Therefore, in order to remain productive over the coming months, I encourage each of you to undertake a new hobby. Or, be innovative in your approach to doing things from your former daily life in a different way. I am currently single and live alone, so the solo isolation at home will be challenging for me, as I am people person! But there are countless things that I am looking forward to on a personal level during this down time. I plan on facetiming family and friends, listening to podcasts and reading books and blogs.

I also hope that reading my blog serves as a source of entertainment and an escape for each of you, as we all dream of a time that we can return to the skies and wander the world again.

Recently I shared my Endless Summer Soundtrack, which is a playlist that I created on Apple Music for our next travel adventures. I am listening to it in order to reminisce in the meantime. Over the coming months I will continue to share posts that will hopefully inspire you whilst planning your next overseas trip! But above all, I aim to bring you a sense of hope that better things are coming our way.

For the majority of people born this century, 2020 will be the most challenging year of our lives. However, as my friends reminded me when I was growing through some personal challenges back in 2017,

There is always light at the end of the tunnel!

I was looking forward to some new career opportunities, which were set to unfold in early 2020 and I was also planning to purchase my first property. Yet, despite my disappointment, at this time I could not be more grateful that the universe intervened at the eleventh hour. Like everyone else, the position I am in right now still involves a lot of uncertainty. But the one thing that I am sure of is that we will come through this, changed forever and for the better.


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