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This blog is in no way affiliated with any commercial airline. Therefore, content may be edited for confidentially and legal reasons. Don’t Sweat the Stewardess is intended to be a source of entertainment, inspiration and motivation. (You may read it at your leisure, upon your own free will and we hope you enjoy it!).

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Whilst Don’t Sweat The Stewardess makes reasonable efforts to monitor and moderate content posted on its site and social media platforms, we do not moderate all comments and cannot always take action to respond in a timely manner. (This is actually impossible, since the author spends a lot of time at 38,000ft, with no contact with the digital world!). However, at our discretion, we reserve the right to review, delete or edit irrelevant, inappropriate, offensive, derogatory, discriminatory or abusive comments.

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Reserved Rights

As the proprietor, we reserve the right to change the focus on this blog, or to shut it down or sell it! We also reserve the right change the terms of use or modify this disclaimer at our own discretion.

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