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Fake Tan can be tricky to master. But here is my fail proof FAKE TAN 101 Cheat Sheet to help you avoid looking like a Dorito: 3 Easy Steps to the Perfect Post Holiday Golden Glow!

Recently I posted a story on how to fake it til you make it, SIX STEPS TO THE PERFECT SUMMER BEACH BODY! The sun can be extremely damaging to our skin. But most women instantly go from a 2 to a 10 when they are tanned. A golden bronze tan is slimming and masks any body imperfections. So fake tan should be your number one go-to if you don’t want to end up with wrinkles, or skin cancer. Just make sure you follow the directions on the bottle for a flawless and flattering result!

First up, you need to find the perfect fake tan formula for your skin tone.

Fake tans have different base colours and different bases will suit different skin tones. The Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam my fav! I prefer the Ultra Dark shade, but you could choose a lighter one if you want. Most fake tans are also available in a spray or lotion formula. Spray tans in a salon look great, but they can be expensive if you like to fake tan once a week like I do. A perfect fake tan takes a bit of practice and personally I find the sprays difficult to control when doing it myself. But after a lot of trial and error (and a few terrible tanning mishaps along the way!)

I’ve now mastered a flawless DIY fake tan that is an easy part of my weekly beauty routine.

When I first started experimenting with fake tan products, I purchased a green-based fake tan lotion and simply rubbed it all over my skin like a moisturiser. I’ve noticed that lotions can be a bit streaky though. So I’ve now switched to a fake tan foam formula, as it is easier to see where you have already applied the solution and if it has been blended correctly. A tanning mitt ensures an even application and a Tanzee self-tan bed sheet protector or the Brown Bare tan suit will be your new best friend if you hate waking up to fake tan stains on your sheets. Plus, just in case you do stuff it up and wake up patchy or with fake tan stains on your hands or feet, Bondi Sands recently released a revolutionary new product, a self-tan eraser!

Step 1: PREP

First, you need to prep the skin for an even application. Shower, shave and exfoliate – I am obsessed with Frank Body scrub! It’s a caffeinated scrub, which boosts circulation and reduces the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. For fake tan prep, I’d recommend the coconut blend, as it will hydrate your skin just enough to allow the fake tan formula to glide on easily, without affecting its absorption into the skin.

When you step out of the shower, wait at least five minutes to allow your skin to dry completely to avoid streaks. Don’t apply deodorant, or moisturise your legs or other large areas. However, a small amount of moisturiser applied sparingly on your driest body parts (such as your ankle, knees, elbows and hands) can help to combat dark patches of tan appearing on these areas!

Step 2: APPLY

Then, it’s tan time!Using a self-tanning mitt to apply the formula is the easiest application method. Apply the product all over your body and rub it in quickly, but use it sparingly on your knees, elbows, hands & feet and DON’T FORGET to wash your hands when you are done!

I like to work in sections and just like applying make-up the key is to keep blending! This will ensure you have not missed any areas and help you to avoid a patchy result. And if you struggle to reach your back, Bondi Sands has a handy little tool for that too, a back applicator! Seriously, is there anything these guys haven’t thought of!

Step 3: BAKE

Sleep in your tan (naked!). Obviously it’s best if you have dark sheets, otherwise, you can apply talc powder over your tan to reduce the tackiness of the product and prevent it from transferring onto your bed linen. Then six to eight hours later when you wake up, put your sheets in the wash and jump in the shower to rinse off the fake tan formula and voila! A golden brown glow, like you just spent two weeks in the Bahamas!


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