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Image: Hair by Lauren Conroy at Rokk Ebony


Want to get a new haircut? Do it! Life is too short to have boring hair! Here are the top five haircuts that I LOVE, which are trending at the moment. I’ve hand-picked my favourites from all of the current trends. So all you have to do is choose the style that works best for you! Then, call your hairdresser to book an appointment for a new haircut that will make you look fabulous!


1. Shattered Layers. I’ve always loved layers! Face-framing and shattered layers are always flattering, but look best on girls with naturally thick hair. They add body and movement to otherwise flat hair and the good news is that natural texture is back. Seriously, is wash and wear not the BEST news ever for lazy girls like me! Shattered layered haircuts look best on blondes or brunettes with gradient coloured hair to show off the contrast of the highlights when the hair is curled.

2. The Blunt Cut. Straight, shiny sleek hair cut bluntly at the ends and styled in a centre part is in! Thank god because I have fine hair, so a blunt haircut makes my hair look thicker and healthier. I personally love the straight lines and styling is easy, as it tends to just fall perfectly into place with the slick of a GHD. But, regular haircuts are required to keep your hair in good condition and maintain the edginess of this strong look.

3. The Bob. I am not this brave. But, on the right person, a bob can completely transform your face and it’s very ‘in’ at the moment! (Yes, I am all about stepping outside your comfort zone, but a hairdresser once insisted on chopping my hair into a bob when I was 8 years old! I was absolutely mortified and swore I would never willingly let a hairdresser ruthlessly take to my hair with the scissors again).

4. The Concave Cut. Earlier this year I had my hair cut into a concave style for the first time and I absolutely loved the change! It always seemed a bit daring, as it is a bit different. But that’s what I love about it and it’s also easier to style, especially if you get sore arms from blowdrying like I do! This haircut looks amazing when hair is a chopped into a bob or being grown out into a shag. But, I had a blunt, slight concave graduation cut into my long hair and it worked just as well to drawn attention to my face.

5. The Flip. Not a haircut as such, but this look creates volume and is a DIY style you can achieve without actually taking to the scissors. Simply part your hair to show off your best side and flip it over to fall to the opposite side of your crown. Then, set with a fixing product to add height and volume to your hair; a quick-and-easy way to change up your style if you haven’t got time to visit a salon.


I’ve also pinned a bunch of ideas to my Pinterest Board hair. HAIR TRENDS | Bad Hair Day! if you need some visual cues or you are stuck for ideas!

Still not quite sure if you should take the plunge and change up your look? Read my post, BAD HAIR DAY? WHY CHANGE IS AS GOOD AS A HOLIDAY! Have I inspired you to change your look? I hope so and I’d love to see your new haircut! Please tag me in your posts on social media! #DSSchangeyourworld. Looking for ideas on a new hair colour? Read Part 1 of this post series, HAIR TRENDS. THE TOP FIVE HAIR COLOUR SHADES TRENDING RIGHT NOW!


Thank you to team at Rokk Ebony, Salon of the Year 2001- 2015, in South Melbourne, AUSTRALIA for keeping my split ends at bay and changing up my look during your hair model training academy sessions! I now have #hairthatrokks


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