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Image: Hair by Lauren Conroy at Rokk Ebony


Want to change-up your hair colour? Do it! Life is too short to have boring hair! Here are the top five hair colour trends that I LOVE, which are trending right now. I’ve hand-picked my favourites from all the current trends. So all you have to do is choose the shade that works best for you. Then, call your hairdresser to book an appointment for a new hair colour to make you look fabulous!


1. Contour Colouring. We’ve already embraced contouring our faces. So it makes sense to apply this contrasting and blending hair colour technique to highlight our hair too. Contour colouring can be used to extenuate specific facial features, giving added definition, to create a flattering style. Seriously, why did we not think of this earlier!

2. Balayage. Yes it’s been around forever now, but this looks remains so popular because it is easy to maintain. Other gradient hair colour trends include colour melting (seamless blending of three colours) and ombre (dark to light two-tone graduation. Plus, the new spin on this, sombre, which is less stark in contrast). Ombre tends to be more maintenance than balayage, but still gives off the grown-out highlights look. It is the perfect balance between dark and light, as long as it is blended properly. There are lots of variations of the gradient hair colour techniques. My advice? Have it done professionally to beware of the band or a dodgy DIY dip-dye!

3. Lived-In Blonde. I’m finally having a blonde moment! I’ve actually been obsessed with this colour forever and have always dreamt of having fair, sun-kissed tresses with natural highlights. The reality, though, is that blonde is a lot of work, especially when you have super dark regrowth! For bottle blondes and natural blondes alike, though, the root stretch hair colour technique makes maintenance much easier. Especially when travelling and regular trips to the hairdresser for touch-ups are inconvenient or not possible. It’s also a good option if you are on a budget, saving for your next trip and can’t afford to be spending a small fortunate visiting a salon every six weeks!

4. Cool-Toned Colours. Okay maybe I’m biased because cool colours suit my skin tone. Or maybe it’s because I’m terrified of orange (unless it’s the fiery sex-siren shade). But I am obsessed with cool, smoky, ash tones. Make sure you consult your colourist first though to see if this hair colour can work for you. I’ll always be a brunette at heart and still love the sultriness of dark hair. But don’t forget that any hair colour can throw off cool or warm tones and you are better to stick to what looks best on you.

5. Pastel Pink! My BFF was fired for showing up to work with pink toner in her platinum blonde hair! She worked in the beauty industry where you can sometimes get away with bold looks but it’s definitely not something I could even consider as a Flight Attendant. But I absolutely love sorbet-inspired hair colour! It’s extreme though, so a word of warning – you’re probably best to opt for a colouring product that you can easily wash out!

Still not quite sure if you should take the plunge and change-up your look? Read my post, BAD HAIR DAY? WHY CHANGE IS AS GOOD AS A HOLIDAY! Looking for ideas on a new haircut? Read Part 2 of this post series, HAIR TRENDS. THE TOP FIVE HAIRCUTS TRENDING RIGHT NOW!


In the meantime, I’ve also pinned a bunch of ideas to my Pinterest Board hair. HAIR TRENDS | Bad Hair Day! if you need some visual cues or you are stuck for ideas!


Thank you to team at Rokk Ebony in South Melbourne, AUSTRALIA for correcting the colour of my hair during your hair model training academy sessions! The Olaplex bond multiplier and perfector treatment has restored the health of my hair and I now have #hairthatrokks


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