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Homewares and Living Trends

There is nothing like sleeping in your own bed or the creature comforts of your own home!

When I’m away for work, I enjoy the luxury of living in a hotel. It’s always nice to have cupboards that light up when I open them and room service attendants to make my bed and tidy my living space for me. But, by the end of a trip, I’m always longing to get back on the plane that will take me home.

Travelling is amazing! But no matter how far we wander, home is always where the heart is.

In 2016, in between my trips to Bali, I completed a course in Interior Design and Styling.

In this section of the site I will share my decorating and interior styling tips with you. Welcome to my home! I hope it serves as a source of inspiration!


For more inspiration, follow the DSS Pinterest Board, HOMEWARES AND INTERIOR DESIGN : Home is Where the Heart Is.