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I absolutely believe in the Law of Attraction! Here’s why… Earlier this year my much-loved first car finally died. So my days got much longer, as I had to catch a tram, train and a bus just to get to the airport. Which ended up being a blessing in disguise, as I used the travel time to immerse myself in reading!

I loved reading books when I was younger.

My imagination as a child was extremely creative and I’d built blanket forts in my bedroom (or the backyard) and lay in them for hours reading stories by Roald Dahl and the entire collection of The Babysitters Club. As I got older, my taste changed somewhat and by the time I was a teenager, I was obsessed with horror stories. Suddenly I was reading the Goosebumps series and The Babysitter books by R.L. Stine (which have slightly different plot to those written by Ann M. Martin!)

Yet, somehow this hobby had fallen by the wayside during my twenties, after being forced to read endless textbooks and reference journals at high-school and post-grad.

So it wasn’t until a recent holiday that I finally picked up a book and suddenly I fell in love with reading again! I do still enjoy fiction, but at the moment I am obsessed with self-help books. I’m a busy, independent woman. Therefore, I like to make the best use of my time by reading books that help me to broaden my mind and improve my lifestyle. After getting my finances in order by reading The Barefoot Investor (Click here to view that post!), I opted for something a little left of field. Rhonda Byrne’s best selling novel, The Secret caused a worldwide stir when it was first published in 2006. Yet somehow I had never got around to reading it!

In stark contrast to Scott Pape’s incredibly pragmatic approach of managing your money effectively in order to create wealth and abundance, I decided to open my mind to a different way of thinking. The Secret is based on the Law of Attraction and how we can use positive and negative energy to manifest things into our lives. Some may say it is a little far-fetched. But I like the principle and decided to put it to practice.

Getting back to my car. The story of how this unfolded is a sure sign that the Law of Attraction is actually a legitimate way to attract abundance into your life!

For years I had always dreamed of owning a Jeep. Although I didn’t have the need for a new car, each time I would see a shiny black SUV drive past, it would catch my eye. After a while, I began to notice that I was seeing black Jeeps everywhere!(A sure sign of the law of attraction at play). So when my first car finally began to falter, I knew exactly what it was that I wanted to own next.

Yet, everybody tried to talk me out of buying a Jeep.

The mechanic said they were unreliable and friends said they were expensive to service and told me countless horror stories they’d heard from previous owners! So I took my time carefully researching the market. After all, taking out a car loan is such as major financial decision! I even hesitated, as I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to purchase a new car at all. Until the dreaded moment came that my trusty old Nissan Pulsar finally died. It was a hot day and I was on the highway, stuck in traffic wondering if I should actually start catching the bus.

A few days prior I’d bumped into a fellow Flight Attendant who lives on my street but doesn’t drive. I started weighing up the options she’d suggested in my head and in what almost felt like the exact same moment, the radiator of my car finally gave in. It was as if the universe had tapped into my thoughts and bam – just like that the law of attraction smacked me in the face! I felt the car lose power and the engine malfunction light came on, so I pulled off to the side of the road and ordered an Uber to get to work.

Later that night, after to flying to Perth and back, I returned to my car and contemplated how to get home. Against my better judgement (and due to the fact that it was after midnight on a Sunday night in a dodgy suburb on the outer part of town), I decided to drive home. Thirty minutes later there was smoke pouring out from on my hood and a couple of very helpful policemen came to my rescue and escorted me home! From that point onwards, I was catching public transport all over Melbourne. Including the trek all the way to the airport and back for the next two months. And even though it was a mission, I am lucky enough to live in an inner city suburb where it everything is very accessible.

Yet in my heart, I knew that I wanted a new car and I also knew that I could afford it, as I’d already done the sums when putting together a budget.

My parents were also pushing me to make the purchase, as even though I’m 34 years old they still stress about my safety. They didn’t like the idea of me travelling alone on public transport late at night and to be completely honest, I didn’t like it much either. So I searched on online for second-hand steals and shopped the 20-17 plate run-out sales. Then, when I’d made a shortlist of cars to inspect, my parents got on a plane so that Dad could come with me on the test drives. I was super excited the night before, as after months of research I was finally about to drive my dream car! I could barely sleep and as the early hours of the morning ticked over, I finally drifted off into a restless slumber.

Early the next morning, I was then abruptly awoken by body corporate having a screaming match with the next-door neighbours!

Apparently, they were having a dispute over a water leak. I could hear at least 5 voices booming through my bedroom window and I swear two of the men almost came to blows. So I was exhausted and frustrated as I’m not a morning person at the best of times. And somehow I knew the universe was telling me that it just wasn’t going to be my day.

Yet I got up, got ready and made my way down the road to rent the hire car I had organised so that I could collect my parents from the airport.

The car rental agency opened at 9 am so I arrived early and waited outside for it to open. 20 minutes later I was still standing there with no sign of the owner insight. There was a mobile number on the front door so I rang it and the guy apologised saying he’d slept in and was still about half an hour away.

I was in a hurry, as I had a super busy schedule of test drives planned that day, so I decided to walk to the other rental company located about 10 minutes down the road. When I arrived it was also closed! But the owner appeared not long after, so we finally made our way inside to reception where he started going over the contract with me. Being a local it was clear to me, though, that he was trying to rip me off. So I quickly retrieved my credit card and decided to get out of there.

I then returned to the first site, where the owner finally arrived but also tried to increase the car hire price! Swiftly, I interrupted with the quote I had obtained over the phone the day before and feeling extremely frustrated by this point, I finally collected the keys and headed out to the rental car.

To my horror, it was a clapped out old Toyota Camry, which was so dusty that it looked like it had just returned from a trip around outback Australia. But, whatever. It what still get me from A to B. So I filled it up with fuel, rang my parents to let them know I would be late and then headed to the airport, determined to defy the law of attraction and not to let this bad start to the day throw me off!

The day got better from there and after back-to-back visits to dealer showrooms and driving all over Melbourne to test drive the vehicles listed by private sellers, I was exhausted.

And so were Mum and Dad who had been up since 4 am. So we went to bed and I was more confused than ever, as I finally collapsed on the couch. Over the next few days, I put the car shopping to the side in order to spend some quality time with my family. I then returned to work and after a long week, I was frustrated that I had put so much energy into the process of finding a new vehicle, yet was still catching public transport and spending all of my money on Ubers when the trams weren’t running.

Meanwhile, I had decided to follow my father’s advice and list my old car online to sell it off for parts. And this was when my luck suddenly changed.

Within half an hour of my posts going live, my phone was ringing off the hook! It seemed that everybody was interested in my much-loved first car, so I assumed that I set the price too low. Yet, I also knew that the car needed major repairs so I wanted to be fair and upfront. After speaking with several interested buyers, I received a call from a mechanic who was interested in coming to inspect it during the week.

Exactly one week on from my horror day of car shopping, I woke up early again, despite having just come off night shift and flying late the night before. But instantly, I noticed a different energy in the air.

The mechanic rang me and it was immediately clear that he was a family man in the middle of feeding breakfast to his tribe of toddlers. Yet, he confirmed he would be at my place by 8:30 am and even offered to bring me a coffee.

After a careful inspection under the hood, he told me that he felt that he could fix the damage. He made an offer which was less than I’d asked, but actually more than I’d expected. I made a quick phone call to my dad, who was quite surprised and he told me to take it! So we did the deal on the spot, the mechanic paid a cash deposit and just like that I’d made my first car sale!

We agreed that he would return later that week, fit a new radiator and pay the balance. And the best bit – he was actually purchasing the vehicle for his 17 year old nephew-in-law, who had endured the war in Syria. I swear the smile on that kids face when he hopped behind the wheel of my Pulsar was just a big as the smile I had when I finally purchased my Jeep later that same day!

Still bursting with excitement and feeling content that my car was going to a good home, I set off down the road to catch the bus to the other side of town where I’d organised to test drive another Jeep. And then, something happened, which to this day, still blows my mind every time I think of it!

On the pavement in front of me, two notes appeared, totalling $50 in cold hard cash! I bent down to pick them up and immediately looked around for someone to return the money to, assuming someone had dropped it. But to my surprise, the street was completely empty and there was not another soul in sight!

I knew at that moment, that the universe had sent me a sign! I had been patient and good karma was finally coming my way with this sudden abundance clearly being evidence of the law of attraction at play.

A very long bus, train and second bus ride later I arrived at the car dealership. During my horrid day of car shopping the week prior, a new listing had been made for my dream car, a Jeep Compass Limited in black. It looked good, had very low kilometres and had been well-cared for by one previous female owner.

Arriving at the car yard, I knew in an instant that I had just found my new car!

I took it for a test drive and after some serious haggling (and yeah okay, I may have flirted with the used car salesman a lot- sorry Dad!) I got a great deal, rang my Dad (again!) and finally signed on the dotted line. Two weeks later, I returned to collect my new vehicle and I am still pinching myself and to this day I continue to thank the universe for sending it my way!

Some may argue that life is not that simple though and I do have to admit that I remain somewhat of a sceptic myself. Being able to manifest things using the law of attraction simply by thinking it does seem a little absurd!

Earlier this year I attended a conference hosted by Pip McKay. Pip is a life coach and the author of 8 Principles of Success, Love and Happiness. I almost didn’t attend. Yet I am so glad I did, as I spent the entire day on the edge of my seat!

Pip spoke about the law of attraction. But she also went on to say that The Secret itself is based on only one of the 22 ancient principles which all the great artists and inventors knew.

The law of attraction does not act in isolation, as it’s not simply a matter of having thoughts but rather the emotion that you bring to them and how you act in order to manifest positive and negative energy into your life. Click here to read her blog post, When the Secret Doesn’t Work. And I would also absolutely recommend that you read her book, 8 Principles of Success, Love and Happiness, as I can honestly say it blew my mind!

Reflecting on the whole saga with my car, something astounding also hit me!

Back in 2014, I posted a photo on my personal Instagram account. I was exploring the You Yangs with friends when I noticed a blacked out Jeep Compass in the car park. I was laughing as I posed for a photo next to the car, telling my friends that one day I would be able to say “I BOUGHT A JEEP!” 4 years on I finally did. But I’d forgotten all about this photo in the meantime.

So could this have been what first sparked the law of attraction into action? Call me crazy, but from here on in I’ll be posting photos of me standing outside my dream home and plane tickets to Bora Bora!


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