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Room Service to Silver Service to Food on the Fly!

After a long flight, breakfast in bed is absolute bliss! But I’ve always loved dining out! I enjoy the experience of finding new places to eat and trying a new cuisine. Read on for my recommendations on DINING IN v’s DINING OUT!

My favourite part of travelling is experiencing the unique flavours of the local culinary food specialities.

Whenever I book a trip, I’ll always research the local food and where to dine! Or when I am visiting a new city for the first time, I’ll usually Google where to go for a drink. I love reading other traveller’s recommendations, as well as local reviews of the cities up and coming food and drink hotspots.

I’m always on the hunt for popular coffee shops and cafes, in particular, as breakfast is my favourite meal of the day!

From cute coffee shops and cafes to the best restaurants and bars, I’m always up for somewhere new. I take note of the unique places that I stumble upon during my adventures and of course, I take photos of my food! Actually, I guess you could say that I am a little obsessed with food. But the places where I’ve dined are often amongst some of the highlights my trip!

I also enjoy a cocktail (or two) and love to unwind anywhere with a sunset view!

I’m not into the clubbing scene so much anymore, but I do enjoy a few drinks over dinner. Or a great restaurant or wine bar, with a relaxed house vibe. This is the perfect way to share a meal and converse with the crew, or to meet fellow travellers!

In this section of the site, I will share my recommendations with you. From 5-star dining, to clean eating on the fly, I’ll share my tips on where to eat and drink and what to order! I hope you enjoy my selections and I’d love to hear your recommendations as well! Please share your suggestions with me via social media. I get major food envy and I’d love to see what you’re ordering!


For more inspiration, follow FOOD ENVY! Room Service to Silver Service to Food on the Fly!