I’ve always been obsessed with the sea! Probably because I’m a water sign, so it’s in my blood. Nothing makes me happier than beach days, enjoying the sun, surf and sand.

If I had it my way, the world would have an endless summer! So that I could bath in the crystal clear water of the sea, enjoying the warmth of the sun on my skin all year round.

A day in the sun makes me feel so alive! But I’m definitely a water baby, as I’d happily get lost at sea, or shipwrecked on a deserted island for a day!

In fact, if I could plan my perfect day, I’d spend it on a remote tropical island. Palm fronds shading me whilst I’m sipping on fresh coconuts. Enjoying a lazy beach picnic lunch in the sun, before immersing my sun-kissed body into the cool water. Then, I’d bath in the ocean, waiting for the sun to go down. Learn how to surf or just enjoy being at one with the ocean.

After all, nothing feels better than the sand between your toes! Or, the refreshing water when you dive in the sea on a hot summer day! This is truly what I live for!

In this section of the site I will share stories about beach days and island adventures and send the sunshine and endless summer vibes your way!


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