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Photo Credit: James Barker

What you wear is an extension of your personality. So it’s important to put a lot of you into your signature style. After all, this is the first impression that you are putting out there to the world! Especially since it’s scientific fact that most people will judge you within a few seconds of laying eyes on you. (Read more about that here if you are curious).

Style icons make getting dressed look oh so easy! They seem to have an innate ability to pair pieces together in a way that is effortlessly stylish. Yet, it’s actually not that difficult and you too, can make a fashion statement by creating your own signature style.

I’ve always loved all black everything! Black is sophisticated, chic and always on trend, which makes it both a classic and timeless.

Technically, black is not a colour and it can get a little boring on it own. So attention to detail is important when wearing an all-black outfit and this can be achieved by mixing design lines, textures and finishes in an interesting way. Neutral shades of black and grey can also be dressed up or down, so they work for all occasions. Plus, black goes with everything, which makes packing much easier.

After ten years working in the fashion industry, I know exactly what works on me!

I love simple pieces that I can wear every season. Like a staple pair of skinny black jeans paired with an oversized knit. Or layered under an overcoat in the winter. And in the summer, I live in basic pieces, like baggy black and white t-shirts and tank tops. Styled with a fitted leather skirt or cropped denim shorts which accentuate my long legs. Or a singlet or sweatshirt teamed with tights if I’m on my way to the gym.

As a style addict, I’ve always been obsessed with stilettos. But now that I’m in my 30’s they tend to spend more time in the closet than on my feet.

I live in sneakers or a comfortable pair of heeled boots, as they are so much more practical. My signature style is somewhere between casual and chic, often with a sporty twist. This reflects my active lifestyle, where I’m either running errands on my way to the gym if I’m home in Melbourne. Or living out of a suitcase, if I’m away for work. I love getting glammed up if I’m going out, but the majority of the time I’ll only put on a dress, or a skirt and heels if I’m getting ready for work. So nowadays I only invest in fashionable pieces if it’s for a special occasion and I’ll buy it ahead of time to be sure it’s something I actually love!

Do you have a wardrobe full of items that still have the tags on them? Or, a small section in your wardrobe of clothes that you’ve actually worn more than once? Want to know what works for you? Then read my tips below.


1. Choose a style that reflects your personality and is practical for your lifestyle.

2. Find a colour palatte that suits your complexion.

3. Select silhouettes that flatter your body shape and accentuate your best features.

4. Create a capsule collection from your wardrobe, consisting of the staple pieces in your wardrobe.

5. Invest in timeless, classic pieces that will complete your look.

Have I helped you to find your own signature style? Leave a comment below if you need some fashion advice or start a group chat in the DSS Tribe Facebook Group!


For more inspiration, follow the DSS Pinterest Board, ON THE RUNWAY!


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