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The Perfect Pout: Flight Attendant Secrets!

Flight Attendants always have perfect makeup. Immaculate grooming is a must if you want to be an air hostess, as we are trained to look flawless!

Having the perfect pout is a stewardess trademark.

Our Runway Rulebook actually stipulates specific shades of lipstick and eyeshadow that we must wear to match our uniform! And premium airlines even employ make-up artists to consult new crew and suggest make-up to suit their individual skin tone. So it is not surprising really, that a lot of Flight Attendants are also trained beauty professionals.

Before I became a Flight Attendant I was interested in beauty and make-up.

But after working late the night before, I’d struggle to drag myself out of bed! So after three alarms, I’d finally get up, half an hour before I had to leave for work. I’d then spend twenty minutes (whilst still half asleep) trying to decide what to wear. Which left me ten minutes to do my make-up. So my beauty routine consisted of slapping on some foundation and concealer to cover the bags under my eyes. Then, a coat of mascara and lip gloss to complete my make-up and eyeshadow only if I had time!

Oh, how times have changed! I still have to set three alarms as I struggle to get out of bed as early as 3:30 am. But if I’m not up, getting ready one hour before I have to leave for work, I’m already late. I love wearing a uniform as it takes the struggle out of choosing an outfit. But it still takes a while to put on a full face of make-up and do my hair. Especially since my make up must be to Runway Standards. And my hair must be pulled back perfectly, without a single strand out of place. Plus, I need to pack and I’ve now learnt that breakfast is essential as it can be hours before we get a break on a busy flight!

But I must confess that over the years I have learnt a few tricks of the trade.

The number one ingredient in improving your makeup routine is water. Planes are very dehydrating and most of us do not drink enough water. A minimum of 2 litres per day is recommended for adults and more if you are flying or when exercising. Hydration is so important and it really does make a world of difference to the appearance of your skin! Plus, it will instantly make you look a lot less tired.

My other secret weapon is moisturiser – for my skin and my hair!

Hairspray is useful for controlling flyaways, but it is extremely drying. So I use a leave-in conditioner, oil, serum or treatment instead and it works wonders! I regularly reapply it to my hair during the flight and constantly moisturise my skin as well. This truly is the perfect pick me up and will keep you looking fabulous, even at the end of a long flight.

In this section of the site, I will share my beauty tips and tricks with you, as well as review the latest make–up looks and trends. I hope you find them useful and learn to love make-up just as much as I do!


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