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On the Runway! Fashion Trends and Travelling in Style.

Looking stylish whilst hitting the streets to explore a new city, straight after stepping off the plane, can be challenging. But somehow, Flight Attendants around the world have mastered the art of looking fabulous, despite living out of a suitcase. Join me on the runway as I take you through a day in her shoes!

Fashion is in a Flight Attendant’s blood. We are lucky enough to travel the world and shop in every city!

Channelling our inner Carrie from “Sex and the City”, as women, we feel confident when we look good! Which is why a great outfit is an essential pick-me-up when you’re feeling flat, jet-lagged and exhausted after a long flight!

Fashion has the power to empower us and confidence is exactly what we need to take on the world! Especially when we are in a city we are unfamiliar with.

This is why I’ve always been obsessed with fashion! So much so, that when I first graduated from high school, I studied clothing, textiles and footwear design for three years. I then went on to work in the fashion industry as a Marketing Manager and my love of clothes lives on!

Which makes packing for my work trips very difficult, as I only take a small amount of luggage with me on the plane!

My crew and I have learnt the art of taking carry on only. Essentially, just avoid that arduous wait at the baggage carousel at the end of a long shift. But it does mean we have to lug it around the airport all of the time. So I’ve quickly learnt what is actually essential and I am pretty much a pro at packing for layovers now!

In this section of the site, I will share my style suggestions and fashion secrets with you! As well as, tips on how to make it fit in your bag when you pack your suitcase!


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