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Perfectly Polished

As a Flight Attendant, manicured nails are expected! It is actually stipulated in our Runway Rulebook that our hands must be maintained and well cared for! A French manicure is preferred and bright colours are not allowed. Nor are pointed tips and nails must not be more than 0.5mm longer than the fingertip. Whilst each airline has different rules to compliment their uniform, they all recognise the importance of immaculate grooming!

Polished nails set you apart. They complete your look and create a classy demeanour if you select a sophisticated shade. Personally, I prefer neutral tones for a professional look. Therefore, French-manicured tips have been my signature style for many years.

In this section of the site, I will review the latest trends, including techniques, shapes and colour shades!

However, more importantly, I will also explain why ‘me-time’ is so important. Taking the time to pamper yourself can have a positive effect in driving your career, as it allows you to have some time out from a busy work day. Plus, it can also improve your relationships by improving your sense of self worth. So make sure you pay attention to the little details in your life. They are more important than you think and can truly set you apart!


For more inspiration, follow the DSS Pinterest Board, Manicured Nails : PERFECTLY POLISHED!