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The summer sun leaves our skin with a golden glow. But the sun’s UV rays can also be very drying. Body scrubs not only boost hydration and also make the skin appear more supple. So don’t skip this important step in your summer beach body beauty routine!

Body scrubs come in various blends formulated from sea salts, sugar, ground coffee beans, exfoliating beads and oils.

They all feel amazing, but the blend that will suit you best depends on your skin type – and the colour of your bathroom tiles! It’s so refreshing to reinvigorate your body by scrubbing away the dead skin cells. As my skin gets extremely dry from flying, I love cold-pressed oil scrubs. But they can leave a white residue on black tiles and make bathroom tiles of any shade extremely slippery.

Personally, I am most-obsessed with Frank Body scrub!

It’s a caffeinated scrub, which boosts circulation and reduces the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. Made from all-natural vegan ingredients, Frank Body is Australian-made and owned (just down the road from me here in my hometown of Melbourne). But be forewarned – Frank likes to get down and dirty! So I normally opt to use this scrub on the same day that I intend on scrubbing the shower screen and bathroom floor.

I first discovered Frank Body back in 2013.

I was early for a flight one morning and whilst chatting with the other Flight Attendants in the crew briefing room, one of the girls boldly insisted, “Touch my body! I tried Frank scrub last night and my skin feels AMAZ-INGGGGG!” She was right, of course! So, needless to say, I went online and ordered it straight away!

The original coffee formulation is my favourite for sloughing away dead skin cells whilst combatting cellulite.

However, for fake tan prep, I’d recommend the coconut blend, as it will hydrate your skin just enough to allow the fake tan formula to glide on easily, without affecting its absorption into the skin. (Read more in my post, FAKE TAN 101: GETTING THAT GOLDEN BRONZE HOLIDAY GLOW!)


Other cult favs include BLAQ, a scrub with an activated charcoal base and Bean Body, an organic coffee scrub blended from Robusta coffee beans, organic cold pressed coconut oil, Himalayan pink rock salt, Demerara sugar, organic cacao and Vitamin E oil. The brand and blend that you choose is ultimately up to you, but below is my go-to guide on how to the get the best out of your body scrub!



Step 1:

Apply the scrub directly to the skin with your hands. Or, you may opt to use a Body Brush, Exfoliating Mitt or Loofah.

Step 2:

Work in a circular motion, starting from the feet and work in strokes towards the heart to boost circulation.

Step 3:

Wash away the scrub and any residue before stepping out of the shower. Then, towel-dry your body and moisturise your freshly-scrubbed skin with a body oil to lock in the moisture.

And there you have it! 3 Super-Easy Steps to luminous, supple skin with a deep golden glow!


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