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Seven years ago, I quit my corporate job and moved to Melbourne to chase my dream of becoming a Flight Attendant! Today, I say goodbye to Tigerair and my heart breaks as this incredible chapter in my life comes to a close.

In August 2013, I packed up my life and drove for 17 hours, leaving my home state of Queensland and family and friends behind.

I was anxious, yet so excited as I set off on this solo adventure, not knowing if I was even going to like the job or how long I’d stay at Tigerair Australia. Seven years on, I could not be happier that I took such a massive leap of faith and it is with a heavy heart that I write this post.

Today I received the devastating news that my career as cabin crew at Tigerair will not continue post Covid-19.

For the past four months we have been preparing ourselves for this news. Earlier this year our friends up the front were let go and the Virgin Australia group fell into Voluntary Administration. Yet, somehow this didn’t make today’s announcement any easier. I’ve always maintained that this blog is in no way affiliated with the airline with which I work. However, as we have now learnt that the Tigerair brand will not return to the skies, I feel it is fitting to write a tribute to a company that I am so proud to have been a part of!

Aviation truly gets in your blood and it’s a lifestyle that I fell in love with.

It’s not something that I ever would have chosen to give up. But, as I look back on my career at Tigerair Australia, I have grown from a casual crew member, to a Cabin Manager, to an International Cabin Supervisor and finally, closing my career as a Cabin Crew Service Standards Instructor.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the most amazing group of people, who have felt like family for the past the seven years and many of whom I know will remain lifelong friends.

Tigerair may not have been my preferred airline when I first applied for the role, but I am so glad that it is where I ended up. Working here has changed me as a person and I’m leaving knowing that life always guides us to exactly where we need to be.

My career in aviation has been one hell of a ride and whilst there have been lots of ups and downs, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

In 2016, I experienced what was without a doubt, a once in a lifetime opportunity to fly to Bali once a week with my best friends! For that I will be forever thankful, as well as for the countess other amazing memories I have made along the way.


With the state of the aviation industry remaining so uncertain, I’m not sure if or when I’ll ever return to the sky.

Our industry is unlikely to fully recover for many years post this pandemic and as I begin the next cycle of sevens, I’m ready to start a new chapter in my life. So for now, I’m hanging up my wings. I hope it’s not forever and if this virus has taught us anything, it’s that you never really know what the future may hold.

As my Flight Attendant journey comes to an end it’s time to say goodbye to Tigerair (View my final TRIBUTE TO TIGERAIR here). My posts from this point on will be stories that I share about my former career as a stewardess. However, I also hope to continue to provide you with some inspiration for your future travel adventures! Covid may have changed our world completely, but it’s not forever and one day we will all return to the skies! For now, let’s stay safe and help each other to get through these extremely challenging times.



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