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Photo Credit: James Barker


Looking for low maintenance hair styles to get you through your holiday, whilst still looking great in photos?

Please help me out here. After all, I’m probably not that only one who has made that mistake, right? Hair styles that we regret as soon as we get home and start scrolling through the snaps. Only to realize that you were rocking the same horrible hair styles in every single shot! I’m lazy when it comes to doing my hairat the best of times. Probably because work requires me to do it in a certain way, so when I’m on vacation I love to wear it down. But that’s not always practical, especially if you are doing adventure activities or even just hitting the hotel gym. So here’s some inspiration to help you get through your next trip!


1. The Braid. I need to learn how to do this ASAP! Because braids fix everything!

2. The High Ponytail. The high pony is back and so is the ribbon, which is the perfect way to add a preppy look to the pony. A ponytail is always my go-to when I’m shoving things in my suitcase before checkout and don’t have time to do anything else with my hair. Or, if you loose the ribbon just wrap a piece of hair around the band. Then, secure with a bobby pin for a polished look in less than 5 minutes, an easy fix!

3. Top Knots. This trend is dying down a little now. But I’m bringing them back, as top knots are perfect for disguising unwashed hair when you’re travelling! Which is perfect if you want to wear your hair half up, half down.

4. The Messy Bun. This one is not new either and although it’s actually harder than it looks. The messy bun will always be a girl’s best friend! Especially when you’re in the water but don’t want to get your hair wet. Or, you are on the road and you haven’t washed your hair in almost a week.

5. Curls! Okay so curls are not exactly low maintenance. But when you’re going out it’s fun to get dressed up, or at least do you hair if you going somewhere a little classy.

I feel like the only girl who hasn’t quite mastered to art of using my GHD to curl my hair!

Yes, I’ve watched a few tutorials on YouTube and to be honest I think I am just too impatient. Which is rather ironic since patience is one of the most important qualities that I have as a Flight Attendant! Personally, I prefer hot rollers, so that I can roll my hair and leave it cool and set whilst I finish my make up and another glass of wine! However I guess my GHD and I will have to make a pact to become better friends someday soon, as it really would be easier when travelling. Although I’m usually trying to tame beach waves when I’m away anyway. And now that I’m blonde, dry shampoo has become my new best friend!

Have I inspired you to change up your look? I hope so and I’d love to see your new look! Looking for ideas on a new cut or colour? Click here to read my post series, CHANGE YOUR WORLD: LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO HAVE BORING HAIR! Do you have some suggestions for other hair styles that work well for travel? I hope so and I’d love to see them! Please tag me in your posts on social media! #DSSchangeyourworld


I’ve also pinned a bunch of ideas to my Pinterest Board hair. HAIR TRENDS | Bad Hair Day! if you need some visual cues or you are stuck for ideas!


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