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What I Love About Being a Flight Attendant!

There’s something magical about flying! Sky high cruising at 38,000 feet the world is a majestic place.

Throughout the years flying has evolved. In the golden era of flying air travel was only for the first class! Stewardesses were the stars of the sky and delivered silver service to guests. Nowadays, flying is more affordable, giving us the freedom to travel frequently and wander endlessly all over the world!

Navigating the airport can be stressful, but after take-off, there is a shift in the energy.

Free from the interruptions of their daily routines, passengers actually have a moment to relax. Of course, in our modern digital world, many of us still feel the need to pull out our laptops and electronic devices. WIFI is now available on board some airlines and this has allowed passengers to connect with the outside world. But for many of us, taking some time out and switching our phones off while we are sky high is actually a good thing!

Women constantly tell me that becoming a Flight Attendant was their childhood dream! Yet, to be honest, I had no desire to become a stewardess and I hated flying at first!

As a passenger, I found it boring as I was used to always being ‘on’. So I hated disconnecting from the outside world on long-haul flights. I couldn’t sleep and being tall, I find it impossible to get comfortable in economy. In fact, I used to look at the cabin crew in awe and wonder how on earth they did this every day! Let alone, remain looking flawless at the end of a 13-hour flight!

But I now see flying from a completely different perspective!

Everyone has a different reason to be on board and I love chatting to travellers and hearing their stories! Entering the Flight Deck, the 180-degree view of the skyline at sunrise and sunset is spectacular and it is certainly true that pilots have the most amazing office view!

When I don’t work for a week I actually get withdrawals from being sky high! I love the sensation of being up in the air, even though it can be exhausting and it is extremely dehydrating. Travelling to a far away destination is exciting. But it’s the magic that I miss! The romance of flying, which was glamourised in the early days of aviation, is what will always attract us to air travel!

In this section of the site, I’ll share my stories with you. What it’s really like to be a Flight Attendant.

What we do on layovers and our tips for travel. Just one thing though! This BLOG is not affiliated with the airline for which I work. I will not be posting passenger shaming articles and some of my work-related stories may be edited for confidentially and legal reasons. (I’m sorry, but I love my job and I’d like to keep it!)

Join Me on the Journey! Come, Fly Away With Me… x


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