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Amazing Places to Pin on Your World Map!

They say that travel is one of the only things that you can spend money on which makes you richer. And it’s certainly true. This world is an amazing place and I encourage everyone to go out and explore it!

I fell in love with travel long before I became a Flight Attendant.

There is something about exploring a foreign country that is truly liberating, as stepping into another culture allows you to learn so much about yourself! So far I have been lucky enough to visit many different cities and I have pinned 15 countries on my world map! I’ve explored Europe, visiting France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. Plus, I’ve also travelled through the UK, the USA, Mexico. And I’ve been to Bali, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos.

I also plan to explore many more of the amazing wonders of this world during my lifetime! Click here to read my post ‘100 THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE’ if you need some inspiration in putting together your very own bucket list. I’m slowly checking them all off my list and in this section of the site, I will share my travel adventures with you!


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