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Long before I became a Flight Attendant I’d already travelled a lot for work. The first time I ever stepped onto a plane it was for an interstate work trip. And the first time I flew internationally to the USA it was also for work.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a career that has taken me places. And it is was these first few trips that sparked my inner sense of wanderlust!

Looking back, this trip to the USA changed everything for me.

Suddenly I realised that I was not only driven by my career. I also had a desire to get out and explore the world! America is quite similar to Australia in many ways, so at this point, I had not experienced any major culture shock. But stepping foot onto another continent made me appreciate that I could just as easily lead my life on the other side of the globe!

At the end of my first trip abroad, I was literally crying in front of my boss and a colleague on the way back to LAX airport.

(That’s kind of embarrassing now that I think about it!) But at the time I was just so overwhelmed! It was the first time that I realised that the world is such a vast and diverse place. Yet for twenty-something years, I had spent my entire lifetime viewing it from such a small perspective.

In this section of the site, I will share the photos of the trip that inspired me to quit my corporate job and become a Flight Attendant, so that I could travel the world for work!