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In my previous post, THE CURSE OF THE BEST FRIEND FALLOUT! I shared some tips on how to avoid the best friend break-up when planning an overseas trip! And the same applies to travelling with a partner. You both need to be flexible and willing to compromise a little before you commit to taking a trip together. Travelling with a partner can be tough, but it is amazing to have someone to share the incredible experiences with. And the memories you make during overseas travel will make your relationship even stronger. However, not all of us are lucky enough to be in a relationship. So for those of us that are yet to find love and still travelling solo, let’s talk about TINDER AND TRAVELLING SOLO!

Firstly, is Tinder even still a thing?

I think so, as I see other Flight Attendants logging in every time we land. But I’ve completely given up on looking for love, so I wouldn’t know. I’d like to think that I’m open to falling in love and I still log into my Tinder profile occasionally. But I’m bored of constantly swiping through an online dating app looking for love. I’d rather get out there and explore the world in which we live, travelling solo. I’m happy to wait and see where it leads me on life’s journey. So hopefully I’ll happen to stumble upon my soulmate somewhere along the way!

This actually dawned on me during my recent adventures travelling solo whilst on vacation.

I spent a week alone on the Gili Islands in December last year and fell in love… In love with the serenity of island living, living on island time and not having a care in the world! I set off to explore this romantic destination, not realising that it was honeymoon central at that time of year. But as it turns out, it didn’t bother me at all. In fact, after a few days of relaxing in my own company, I decided to take a day trip. And then I saw dating from a whole new perspective!

Waiting to board the boat for an island-hopping snorkelling adventure, I sat on the shore of the beach. Watching the waves roll in, I felt completely relaxed and excited to set sail. Until other members of the group arrived. Amongst them, was a couple that was holidaying together, possibly for the first time. Yet it was not quite as romantic as I’d imagined. To my surprise, they could not stop fighting! Over who should put the sunscreen in their bag. Or, who should hold the camera. It was so unsettling and I could not help but feel sad for them. We were in paradise and all they could focus on was the smallest, most insignificant details.

Later that afternoon, after returning from the adventure, I decided to dine at one of the famous beachfront restaurants. I love seafood and dining solo really doesn’t bother me. So I was enjoying the view of the sun setting over the ocean when a couple at a nearby table asked me if I could take their picture. They then struck up a conversation, asking me for advice on what to do and see on the island. As it turns out, they were planned on cutting their honeymoon short and leaving early, as they were bored. They were completely stunned to hear that I had spent an entire week on the island by myself. And that I actually enjoyed every minute of it!

It then struck me then that relationships do not always enhance your life. They do, in fact, take quite a lot of work. Especially when travelling!

Looking for love whilst travelling solo almost feels like a lost cause sometimes too.

For a relationship to work, you must both be happy within yourself. So I’m constantly reminded, if you are looking for love to improve your life, it’s not going to happen! However, I do find it amazing that in this big wide world we can still manage to cross paths with our soul mate, standing in the middle of a foreign country! Or, in our home city. Or, even in the next neighbourhood. I was born and raised in a small country town. So I find it fascinating that some of my school friends found love in our hometown. Yet, from a young age, I set my sights on travelling the world!

The idea that I could find my future husband living on the other side of the globe actually excites me. Now that I’m a little older though, I’ve learnt that marrying someone from abroad presents a lot of challenges too!

In particular, because one of you is going to have to compromise and move to the other side of the world if you want to make it work! This may feel liberating for some. However, I have strong ties with my family. So whilst I find travelling solo exciting, I’d like to have my parents nearby when I do decide to settle down and have children of my own. Therefore, I’m not ruling anything out. But for now, starting a relationship is just not my number one priority when travelling!

Travelling the world with the love of your life is the ultimate way to find out if they really are ‘The One!’ After all, you never really know someone until you travel the world with them!

When I finally meet my future partner, I look forward to sharing travel experiences with them, before deciding to settle down and start a family. Until then, though, I think I’m probably better off to leave any potential boyfriends at home. For now, I’ll continue making new friends in the real world on my adventures travelling solo!

Have you tried online dating? Which dating sites do you recommend and do you use them while travelling solo? Or are you one of the lucky ladies in a relationship? Perhaps you have some advice for your single sisters! I’d love to know where you met your man and if you have travelled together? Please share your suggestions by commenting below. Plus, you can also discuss this with the DSS Tribe in our Facebook Group.

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    25 . 07 . 2017

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